Yuno Shimpei
Shimpei 2015
Japanese 柚野 森平
Romaji Yuno Shimpei
Personal Information
Status Police
Age 24 (8 years prior)
Likes Orderly lifestyle
Dislikes Tears
Appeared in

Yuno Shimpei is a character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no page.


Shimpei is a young man with a set of blue eyes and green spiky hair. He wears a police uniform most of the time, which consist of a blue police hat with a circle emblem on the middle, a white shirt, a dark belt, and long blue pants.


Eight years ago, Shimpei was a police officer (during the events of "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki"). Currently, he's working as an assistant inspector in the police office. A rather serious policeman, he has great respect for Shimada Shimako whom he's in good terms with as well.


Role in the "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki"Edit

Shimpei, along with Shimako received a call from a young girl saying her father, a man named Aoi Kazuya had committed suicide. The two later secured the area, where along the way they met private investigator Mikami, hired by the victim's wife Aoi Chiyo.

Role in "Sakasama no Kami-sama"Edit

A terrorist named Washimura Sumito had planted bombs around the grounds of Tsukimizaka Academy in the story "Sakasama no Kami-sama". Mikami called Shimako, where later the rest of the police force hurried to the site as well.

Role in "Nazokake (Novel Adaptation)"Edit

Originally in "Umi wa Sono Nazotoki wo Nozomu no ka?", Shimpei wasn't in the story however in Nazokake he was invited aboard the Yotsuba Cruise ship along with Mikami and Shirohane Len. Mikami received a letter saying a crime will occur in the cruise. Along the way Shimpei met various passengers on the ship.

Role in the ComicsEdit

Information Panel
Romaji Yuuhiro Kumi
Featuring Kuranaga Nao, Aoi Chiyo, Shimada Shimako, Yuno Shimpei
Publish date February 2012
Continuity N/A
Comic shimpei

Nao was confident that one of them was going to die in the story "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki". Shimako said she was safe because she was going to be the new detective in the story, and Shimpei admitted that he'd do anything to save her. After hearing that, Nao and Shimako figured the one who was going to die was Shimpei.



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