Yonezaka Kurumi
Kurumi normal
Japanese 米坂 くるみ
Romaji Yonezaka Kurumi
Personal Information
Status Thief
Birthday September 6th
Likes Noir cake
Dislikes Christmas
Appeared in

Yonezaka Kurumi is a character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no page.


Kurumi has long dark braided hair past her shoulders, and she wears a purple ribbon on the top of her head, and down which tie down her hair. She also has eyes of the same color. Kurumi wears a straight light dress with a dark overall. She wears a light puritan collar with a brown lining surrounding it, and also dark boots.

It's unknown how old Kurumi is, however it's said that she's too young to be Yonezaka Noa's daughter, but could be enough of age to be her little sister.


In "Nazo Kake Kaitou to Kakikake no Kaitou", Kurumi introduces herself as the daughter of the head of the Yonezaka family. She later meets Makura Maxi along with Shirakawa Kaoru in the Yonezaka family's gallery.

It's later revealed revealed in the story that she's not Noa's daughter, and she claims that she's a thief. Although this was so, Noa still welcomed her to his house as he claimed that there were many vacant rooms with only him and Johann in there. Kurumi was also permitted to use the name "Yonezaka Kurumi" (her "alias", Kurumi's real name was never revealed), and he'd greet her as her daughter; though Kurumi pointed out and say he was too young to be her father, and they settled with being "siblings" instead.

It's unsure whether Kurumi had ever come back, as after that conversation, she left his house with the "Venus Necklace" in hand and faded into the night.


Role in "Nazo Kake Kaitou to Kakikake no Kaitou"Edit

Makura Maxi received a notice from a thief, and so he and his friend Shirakawa Kaoru decided to investigate Noa's gallery; where there, they met Kurumi who at the time claimed to be the Noa's daughter. It's revealed later that she 'broke' the clock in that house and called Tokieda Kyohei to fix it.

By the climax, Maxi explained that he's a "detective" and Kaoru was a client of his to Noa. A painting from his house had been stolen, and Kaoru asked him to investigate. It somehow led them "there", and although Noa wanted to call the police, Maxi decided to take the risk and said he wanted to open the safe first to see if the painting was there or not.



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