Previously on last week's summary: (6.17.2015)

Wednesday Update
  • Site Update
    • Artworks section updated with the new strip.
  • Blog Update
    • Reika and Go's aquatic adventures strip has finally ended.
    • An introduction to the pets in Hinata's house ♪
Sunday Update
  • Blog Update
    • A new strip of Shizuku no
    • Regarding the messages about Marin.
    • The album "Kikai Shikake no Nazotoki" is no longer available in stock.
    • コヒポチ ♪
    • Pixiv upload (fanart of Merc Storia)


Looking forward to see Logicalism participating in a circle. Of course I wouldn't be able to participate but, you know, merchs and stuff. And whoo last update in June. It'll be July soon and I'm looking forward to see Kori's illustration (and possibly Yoshino? And maybe May too?)

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