Previously on last week's summary: (5.20.2015)


Wha- It's Wednesday already?

This week's update:

  • Site Update
    • Main page artwork's updated.
    • Oubli no Toshokan page updated. DTM mp3 included.
    • Artworks updated with the previous mainpage illustration.
  • Blog Update
    • Announcement of said changes. It's also worth noting that this blog was posted on 5/24, not 5/27.
    • Hinata's piano recital pt 2 :D


Personal note from me. Remember how last week I said I'm editing the character pages one by one? So far so good. Am at the letter "M" atm. And what's this? The wikia's been revamped? And we're getting a potential affiliate? Oh my. Am feeling rather productive.

I hope I could finish the character pages soon. Then I want to move on to the "stories", and later.. Maybe adding the schools? We'll see, we'll see.