Previously on last week's summary: (4.29.2015)


Hello and welcome. To this week's update.

This week's update:

  • Site Update
    • LogiChara page updated.
    • Nishimori Sota's default image updated.
    • Nishimori Aozora's default image updated.
    • New characters "Tsunashi Hajime" and "Tsunashi Owaru".
    • Both of the new characters, along with "Kinasato Midori", "Kinasato Kon", and "Aoi Kazuya" will be featured in an upcoming story: 鬼隠しのポートレート (Oni Kakushi no Portrait)
  • Blog Update
    • Site update.
    • A recording of Hinata playing Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune is available.


Personal note from me. Remember how in the last update I said I want to do a hiatus for Logicalism. But then I edited it and said "I'm sorry but one look at Kazuya and my heart melted. Am back in the fandom again." So yeah. Kazuya's gonna be in a story and that gave me a heart attack. I cried.

I want to draw these new characters and Kazuya, sure, but am busy atm and that makes me cry even harder. For the longest time I want to see Kazuya again... AND IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS, IT'LL COME TRUE. I think Cinderella said that. And Cinderella said, you're not supposed to say what your dreams are, or else it won't come true.

Anyway. Glad to see Hinata's getting better, I was worried 'cause, being sick for a week is okay. But two weeks is just bloody horrid. :(

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