Previously on last week's summary: (4.01.2015)


Why, hello there. This is this week's summary.

This week's update:

  • Site Update
    • Shirakawa Haruka's costume is updated.
    • Cutler's romanized name is now "Hamono-ya", and no longer "Cutler". cough he still works as a Cutler, nonetheless cough
    • Top page updated, the previous top page illustration is added to artworks.
    • 2015's April Fools event can now be found in the "junk" section of Kohinata's place.


Personal note from me. I should be back on writing articles and everything else by next week. So anyway, hurray for Cutler and Kuze being in the top page. I want to update this wiki's banner too, but that'll have to wait because my exams' keeping my busy.

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