Previously on last week's summary: (3.25.2015)


Tomorrow morning I'm going to wake up thinking "ah, right, I'll have to wait until next Wednesday for a blog update".

This week's update:

  • Site Update
    • There is an April Fool's event. Go to Logicalism's Top Page. (index page)
    • Akatsuki Sakurako 's costume is updated.
    • Please welcome a new chara; 7. You'll meet her at today's April Fool's event.
    • Logicalism characters who were a part of the 1M Hits Celebration (excluding Mikami and Kohinata) has their costumes updated. This includes:
  • Blog Update
    • Pixiv summary of the 1M Hits Celebration can be found here.
    • There's now a new entry to post comments in, here.


Personal note from me. School's keeping me busy but I'll finally get a break after 4/15. Anyway, 1M Hits Celebration is an awesome.. Celebration. And this year's April Fool's event, really just gives more questions than answers. Which is good. Or is it...? I'll try and finish 2009's April Fool's by this week, hopefully.

Well. Really, I'm still just freaking out about Kazuya and how, like, he has three heart buttons now. I am a happy child.