Previously on last week's summary: (2.25.2015)


First awaited blog update of the month.

This week's update:

  • Blog update:
    • The deadline of the 1M Hits Celebration Planning is today, and no more requests will be taken. The list of requests can be found in the blog post.
    • For there's more than 5 requests received; it'll be done in the form of a lottery instead. Results'll be posted on March 11th.
    • According to the "favorite LogiChara" survey, the results' as follows:
    • February 28th is Shirakawa Kaoru's birthday, happy birthday mate!
    • March 3rd is Logicalism's 9th anniversary, it's come a long way, congrats on making it this far... Mate!
    • There is going to be... A surprise.


Personal note from me. So remember last week how I said I wanted to request Kazuya? I requested a young Kazuya with glasses.

3/3 was awesome. Lots of illustrations and I feel fluffy all over. And, and, am really excited for the surprise-! I seriously can't guess what it is.