Previously on last week's summary: (2.18.2015)


Last blog update of the month. 'cause, you know, February's ending in a few days.

This week's update:

  • Site update:
    • The site has finally reached 1 million views, congratulations!
    • Top page illustration updated.
    • New "daily free icon" is available. It'll be changed everyday at 9AM.
  • Blog update:
    • To celebrate the 1M hits, Hinata Haruhana is accepting requests (if there's more than 5 entries it'll be chosen at random) It can be an original character, or maybe you want to see a LogiChara with a certain costume and such. Deadline's March 4th 2015.
      • Make a comment on Hinata Haruhana's blog / twitter: Put the name of the chara you want (a reference as well) and also your fav LogiChara too.


Personal note from me. So I changed the wikia's banner. Am feeling sick atm so I'm going to distance myself from wikia for a while (now, let's see how it goes?)

I want to request Kazuya. Just because I want Hinata Haruhana to draw Kazuya again.

Sue me.

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