Previously on last week's summary: (2.04.2015)


Valentine is coming soon... (braces self)

This week's update:

  • Site update:
    • "Hamono-ya series" updated.
  • Blog update:
    • New strip. (on last year's Valentine event, Go ranked last)
    • The name of the "Hamono-ya series" is changed to "Toaru Hamono-ya no Hanashi" (とある刃物屋の話 / Story of a Certain Knife Shop)
    • 2/7 is Murasaki Mizuki's birthday! Happy birthday your highness!
    • Logicalism Wiki is featured. excuse me while I go jump off a c l i f f


Personal note from me. The tabber problem (for both galleries and lyrics in song pages mostly) is still an issue, I just hope it doesn't happen so often. I disabled the forum because personally I think the blog and chat is enough (coughs) and I stole added a guidelines page.

So anyway. I thought we were gonna get another Valentine event but I guess not. Last year I voted for Sota because I'd just figured out Kimi Hitori so he's the one I relate to the most (I was young and new there)

If I could vote again I'll give mine to Kazuya. Ah, yeah I'm in love with Kazuya. Off topic but yeah I've been drawing him a lot lately it's a bit scary.