Whenever I procrastinate I go to this wiki. Well, nothing wrong with that, I guess? I don't think I'll be that active on September, since I start uni then. Anyway.

This is a checklist post. Stuff I need to do. Yea.

  • About the Artworks page
    • Kisetsu no: Currently, the Kisetsu no's old works is being revamped; so I'm not going to touch this.
    • Kohinata-tei Kumi: Am rather content with this page at the moment.
    • Shizuku no: I understand this is important, but right now I'm going to work with stuff I already have knowledge on. I'm still in the dark with Shizuku no.

The new layout especially; it's kinda complicated now >< in order to work on Shizuku no, I feel like I should finish Kisetsu no first before working on Shizuku no. Still, right now, the Artworks page isn't my priority.

OH LOOK THE NOVELS PAGE IS BEING REVAMPED TOO YEAY(?) ;_; Not my top priority though.

  • About Logicalism Characters
    • Kisetsu no: I'm content with this. Will probably add the Oni Kakushi group too later.
    • Kohinata-tei: Not so content, 7 and 1 aren't here yet. Una's page'll be a hoot with the UTAU thing and all.
    • Past Works: AHAHABAHADOPXKVFIDOIRESZX I need to work on this.
    • Shizuku no: Will start doing as soon as I understand what's going on. If we're talking about orders, I'll do the charas first THEN the Web Comic Series.
  • About Games
    • I'll re-read everything, but I'm quiet content with pretty much everything except Harukana Aozora.
  • About Songs
    • All of the songs are currently being revamped. This is my top priority.
      • 2008
      • 2009
      • 2010
      • 2011
      • 2012
      • 2013
      • 2014
  • Misc:
    • Update the navbar
    • Fix broken links
    • Update the main page with the new Logicalism Updates
    • Something about Kohinata's place, maybe??

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