Been meaning to make a blog post that isn't "Week Summary" related. I mean, the blog's there for a reason. I thought I'd put my to-do list for this wiki 'cause, yeah, sure, why not.

I really want to finalize the character pages. I feel like I've followed wikia's structure nicely. Earlier today I made a comic template and added another parameter to the infobox character so we could change the color of the boxes. Personally I don't think it's a waste of time, I mean, one of the reasons I love Logicalism so much is 'cause the colors are really pretty. did I mention I'm in love with Kazuya's colors

Hope I could finish the Kohinata-tei charas soon.

Oh, and I just bought Saa, Docchi from Mikuflick the other day. Wonderful game is wonderful. Kinda surprised the modules in the song is the Asymmetries (it's hard to choose a module that's like Kaoru and Mai, now that I think about it)

So, To-Do List.

  • Story pages
    • Start on Nazokake (Poplar)
  • Song pages
    • Finish songs in 2011
    • Start on songs in 2012
    • Finish songs in 2014
  • Template
    • Make navigation boxes for each major categories
    • ....Do... Something... About the tabber, I guess
  • Character pages
    • Start on and finish page 3 of Kisetsu no charas
    • Finalize Kohinata-tei character page
    • Update the infobox with the character's respective colors
    • Update the "role in the comic" section
  • Web Comic
    • Finish Kohinata-tei Kumi
    • Start on Kisetsu no
  • Misc
    • Finish WIP pages

Said this before but I have my practical exams and such next week, and then final exams, and then I need to look for unis or something so I don't have all the time in the world. I'll just try my best.

You know how in most wikias, in the "plot" section under the character pages there'd be screenshots of said character? That's the reason I did the comic section. Thought I'd remove it and, well, move it to the comic section, but I thought then it wouldn't be as lengthy. Well that's one of the reasons anyway. Am just trying to follow the general character structure.