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The "Shizuku no Characters" or simply the "Shizuku no" (しずくの) is one of the four sections in the "Logicalism Characters" page in Logicalism. The characters listed in this section is a part of the series "Shizuku no" in the Artworks section. It's separated into two categories: The Zinnia Kingdom residents, and the Clover Kingdom residents.

The newest character to be added into this section is "Maurice" and "Roger".


Riquet Roger


Riquet normal
Roger normal
Maurice normal
Zinnia Kingdom people -


Zinnia dudes
Argine Sunny


Argine normal
Sunny normal
Hail normal
Mitsuba Jack
Mitsuba normal
Jack normal
Cheshire Sangatsu
Cheshire normal
Sangatsu 2016


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