Shirakawa Kazuha
Kazuha main
Japanese 白河 一遥
Romaji Shirakawa Kazuha
Personal Information
Status Shirakawa Family's head
Likes Black coffee
Dislikes Carrot
Appeared in

Shirakawa Kazuha is a character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no page.


Kazuha has light cream hair and blue eyes; (his son Shirakawa Kaoru has similar traits). Kazuha wears a dark blue shirt and a red tie, with a dark vest over it. He wears long dark pants and brown shoes. Kazuha has rather thick eyebrows.


Shirakawa Kazuha is the husband of Shirakawa Kaho, and the father of Shirakawa Haruka and Shirakawa Kaoru. A wealthy man who appears strict in front of his two sons. After the day of the condo fire, his son Haruka left his home.


Role in the ComicsEdit

Haruka asked Kazuha if he could play at Yamabuki Ayato's place one day, however, Kazuha forbid him to do so, saying he didn't want his son to be around someone who makes morbid music. Haruka then left his room feeling disappointed. After the condo fire, Haruka said he didn't want to return to his home, though it's said that Kazuha had forgiven his son.


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