Shirakawa Kaho
Kaho 2015
Japanese 白河 薫帆
Romaji Shirakawa Kaho
Personal Information
Status Shirakawa Family's lady
Likes Herb tea
Dislikes Mouse
Appeared in

Shirakawa Kaho is a character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no page.


Kaho has blue eyes and long wavy light blue hair, down and past her waist. She, like her son Shirakawa Kaoru, has an ahoge. Kaho wears a long white dress and dark green heels, with a light colored pancho coat over her.


Kaho is the wife of Shirakawa Kazuha, and the mother of Shirakawa Haruka and Shirakawa Kaoru. After the day of the condo fire, her son Haruka left his home.

So far she's yet to make an appearance in any medias; however a mention of Kaho and painting of herself can be found in the story "Nazo Kake Kaitou to Kakikake no Kaitou".



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