Murasaki Mizuki
Mizuki 2016
Japanese 村崎 みずき
Romaji Murasaki Mizuki
Personal Information
Status Student
Age 16
Birthday February 7th
Likes Prince
Dislikes Frog
Appeared in

Murasaki Mizuki is a Logicalism character categorized under the "Kisetsu no" page.


Mizuki is a young girl with blue eyes and purple long hair down her shoulders. She's usually seen wearing a blue scissor-shaped ribbon and a light colored bandana with a ruler motive on her hair; she wears a matching pair of this on her skirt.

In Kimi Hitori, Mizuki is seen wearing her Nijinoha Highschool uniform; a short sleeved white shirt, with a blue dress over it and a light blue ribbon on her collar.


Murasaki Mizuki is the daughter of Murasaki Kojiro. When she was younger, she lost her father in the Yotsuba cruise ship (he was murdered during the events of "Umi wa Sono Nazotoki wo Nozomu no ka?"). After her father's death, she's left with a wealthy amount of money enough to keep her live her daily lives. She lives in a rather large house; where she and her maid China lives in.

She goes to school to Nijinoha High school division, where she presumably met Nishimori Sota (who attends the university division) and fell in love with him.


Role in "Kimi Hitori"Edit

It was July 7th and Sota met a girl in a world where "everyone disappeared". Sota kept jumping from the world of July 7th and a world where "time was set back" to three days prior. When he was in the world where everyone disappeared, Sota and Mizuki spent many of their time together; as everyone else had disappeared into nowhere. Mizuki even added they were like husband and wife, and confessed that she liked Sota there.

However, it's later revealed by the end of the story that Mizuki killed Sota on the night of July 7th and that thanks to Miyashita Hiro's wish, Sota kept jumping from the real world and the world of July 7th where he spent the time with Mizuki.

Role in the "Naki Oukoku no Phantom"Edit

Mizuki is one of the bosses available in Naki Oukoku no Phantom. She'll be available in the 'lonely' mansion on the fourth floor. You'll be able to reach her after you've defeated China on the second floor, where she mentions a 'princess' there.

Role in the ComicsEdit

Information Panel
Romaji Murasaki Ke no Meido-san
Featuring China, Murasaki Mizuki
Publish date September 2012
Continuity N/A
Comic mizuki1

China wanted to do her chores, however, Mizuki had already finished all of them wonderfully (washing the clothes, preparing the food as they seem to eat together). As China broke a vase, she asked why Mizuki kept a dullard like her. Mizuki then asked what are 'his' plans for the day (presumably Sota).

China listed the details of 'his' plans and Mizuki smiled, saying she simply just liked her and wanted China to stay in that house forever.


  • In March 2014's White Day Event, Mizuki won fourth place.
    • She received a number of 100 chocolates (votes)
  • Although it's written differently, "murasaki" (紫) means purple.



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