"Logica Dictionary" (ロジカ用語辞典) was a page that can be found in Kohinata's library. It has several terms used inside the fandom and the story. As of 2015 this page is no longer available in the site.

Word Note
大人組 Otona-kumi (grown ups group); The set of characters in Mikami's generation (Sakurako, Ayato, Kanau, Shimako, etc)
思春期組 Shishunki-kumi (adolescent group); The set of characters in Akatsuki Makoto's generation (Kaoru, Tetsuro, etc)
手紙組 Tegami-kumi (letter group); The set of characters in the story "Iro-Aseta Tegami"
幽霊組 Yuurei-kumi (ghost group); Abbreviation of the story "Tsukimizaka Gakuen Tsuki Yuurei no Seisatsu", or the general name of the group.
Series / Story
Word Note
きせつの Kisetsu no; The name of the current 4-koma series in the Diary.
ひなたの Hinata no; Abbreviation of the diary comic "Hinata no Nichijou" published during 2007-2009. It's currently in private.
ふしぎの Fushigi no; The name of the parody fairy tail manga "Fushigi no Kuni no Akazukin" published during 2006-2010.
夕謎・夕陽色 Yuu nazo / Yuuhi iro; Abbreviation of the story "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki"
海謎 Umi nazo; Abbreviation of the story "Umi wa Sono Nazotoki wo Nozomu no ka?"
気まぐれ帽子屋の夢 Kimagure Boshi-ya no Yume; A comic featuring Mikami and a hatter published on November 16th 2009. It's currently on private.

Word Note
秋丸 Akimaru; Masda's full name.
てっつん Tetsun; Gin'ya Tetsuro's nickname.
でんお Deno; Narumiya Mafuyu's nickname.
でんこ Denko; Natsuki Kori's nickname.
夏夢 Natsuyume; Default name of the female protagonist in "Iro-Aseta Tegami"
冬吉 Fuyukichi; Default name of the male protagonist in "Iro-Aseta Tegami"
冬雪 Fuyuyuki; Kohinata's full name.
マスター Master; Masda's nickname.
萌乃(赤)、萌乃(黒) Moyuno (Red), Moyuno (Black); Please refer to "Yuu Hiro ni Somaru Nazotoki" (Miyashita Hiro and Aoi Moyuno)
森の神様 Mori no Kami-sama; The name of a character in "Iro-Aseta" Tegami. It's inspired by Linus from Greek mythology
Word Note
恋パラ Koi Para; Abbreviation of the song "Koisuru Paranoia"
サプハロ Sapu Haro; Abbreviation of the song "Surprise Halloween"
トキカケ Toki kake; Abbreviation of the songs "Nazotoki" and "Nazokake"
ドメカナ Dome kana; Abbreviation of the song "Domestic Canary"
ぼくピ Boku pi; Abbreviation of the song "Boku ni Piano wo Hika Sete"

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