Umi wa Sono Nazotoki wo Nozomu no ka? Character
Character List
The following article is a character list page for the story "Umi wa Sono Nazotoki wo Nozomu no ka?" Characters listed here is also available to read on the Logicalism page (link below). Note that only characters who've made a physical appearance is listed in the page.

Character ListEdit

Mikami story

Age: 30

Status: Private detective

A private detective who stands out a lot. He attends the Yotsuba cruise ship with his assistant Haruka after getting a notice of a crime happening there.


Shirakawa Haruka
Haruka 17 2015

Age: 17

Status: Private detective's assistant

A boy with a missing right arm. He works under Mikami as an assistant and currently lives with him.


Kurono Miyako
Miyako story

Age: 24

Status: Assistant manager of Ayame Hotel (Secretary)

Assistant manager of the Ayame Hotel. She works under Murasaki Kojiro.


Sato Keisuke
Keisuke 2015

Age: 31

Status: Shamrock Park facility director

Shamrock Park's facility director. A gentle young man and is rather a push over.


Tamba Suzune
Suzune story

Age: 26

Status: Pianist

A pianist, and also the daughter of a professor in Nijinoha University.


Akatsuki Mai
Mai 8

Age: 8

Status: Primary school student

Daughter of Akatsuki Sakurako and is Akatsuki Makoto's little sister. She shows a childish and innocent smile to Mikami.


Akatsuki Makoto
Makoto 13

Age: 13

Status: Lower secondary student

Son of Akatsuki Sakurako and is Akatsuki Mai's older brother. He's really mature for his age.


Nishimori Aozora
Aozora nazo

Age: 13

Status: Lower secondary student

A classmate of Akatsuki Makoto. She's friends with both Mai and Makoto.


Akatsuki Sakurako
Sakurako story

Age: 31

Status: Representative director of the Akatsuki Group

Akatsuki Group's president's daughter. She's Makoto and Mai's mother; and is usually seen dressed entirely in red.


Murasaki Kojiro
Kojiro 2015

Age: 42

Status: Manager of Ayame Hotel

Is the manager of Ayame Hotel, he's Kurono Miyako's boss. Kojiro is good friends with Shiohara Yuichi.


Shiohara Yuichi
Yuichi 2015

Age: 42

Status: Director of Shirokuma Hospital

Director of Shirokuma Hospital. He's often disliked because of his arrogance.


Shiohara Remi
Remi story

Age: In her 30s

Status: Director of Shirokuma Hospital's wife

The wife of the director of Shirokuma Hospital. It's said that she's rather unpleasant to her husband.


Takamatsu Mikaze
Mikaze 2015

Age: 25

Status: Akatsuki family's employee

An employee who works under the Akatsuki family. When given a task, she always does it quietly.



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