Aoi Chiyo
Chiyo 2016
Japanese 葵 千代
Romaji Aoi Chiyo
Personal Information
Status Housewife
Age 38 (8 years prior)
Likes Gardening
Dislikes Picture frame
Appeared in

Aoi Chiyo is a character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no page.


Chiyo is a woman who has orange colored hair and light brown eyes. She wears a light orange sweater, and a light gown underneath. She wears light orange fluffy shoes and maroon colored socks.


Aoi Chiyo is the wife of Aoi Kazuya, and mother of Aoi Moyuno. She was a housewife and it's said that she was a classmate of Kazuya during their highschool years. Before marrying Kazuya, her full name is Hosaka Chiyo (穂坂千代).

She died at age 38 in the events of "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki" not long after her husband's suicide, which was later labeled the "Aoi family suicide incident". After the events of "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki", her daughter Moyuno continued to live on as "Miyashita Hiro" (the two switched identities) under Mikami's care.


Role in "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki"Edit

In "Yuuhi Iro ni Somaru Nazotoki" the story starts with Kazuya's suicide. Chiyo consulted private detective Mikami to investigate a painting which had gone missing on the day of her husband's death.

After Mikami investigated, he concluded that the reason Kazuya committed suicide was because Chiyo cheated on him with Kuranaga Nao, and that "Moyuno" was actually their daughter and not Kazuya's. By the end of the story Chiyo was murdered with a large blow to the head, leaving only her daughter Moyuno as the only survivor of the "Aoi family suicide incident".

Role in "Naki Oukoku no Phantom"Edit

Chiyo plays no major roles in the game "Naki Oukoku no Phantom", as she only acts as a shopkeeper. You can buy food and health items from her which can help you in your journey.



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