Akatsuki Mai
Mai 2016
Japanese 赤月 舞
Romaji Akatsuki Mai
Personal Information
Status Akatsuki group's director's daughter
Age 11
Birthday June 18th
Likes Fun things
Dislikes Boring things
Appeared in

Akatsuki Mai is a recurring character in Logicalism categorized under the Kisetsu no page.


Mai has long wavy brown hair, and brown eyes similar to her mother Sakurako. She's usually seen wearing a red ribbon on her hair, and an Akari Academy school uniform with brown socks and red shoes.

Most of Mai's costumes has her wearing a ribbon, most are red.


Akatsuki Mai is the daughter of Akatsuki Kanau and Akatsuki Sakurako; whom is representative director of the Akatsuki Group. Her older brother is Akatsuki Makoto. Her father passed away when she was three from sickness.

Mai outwits her employees and treats the older Shirakawa Kaoru as a child. She has the wisdom and insight to value the contributions of younger people over older. Rarely gives attention to matters that don’t interest her.

She went to Tsukimizaka Academy, and after the events in "Umi wa Sono Nazotoki wo Nozomu no ka?", she transferred school to Akari Academy like her brother.


Role in Umi wa Sono Nazotoki wo Nozomu no ka?Edit

In "Umi wa Sono Nazotoki wo Nozomu no ka?" Mai attends the Yotsuba cruise ship along with her mother, brother, and Nishimori Aozora. She, along with Makoto is said to be rather distant with their mother during the cruise and throughout the story spent quite some time with Mikami and Shirakawa Haruka.

Role in Tsukimizaka Gakuen Tsuki Yuurei no SeisatsuEdit

Mai plays a rather minor role in "Tsukimizaka Gakuen Tsuki Yuurei no Seisatsu". She's seen in two or three scenes where she had small conversations with Makoto in their limousine on their way to school.

Role in the ComicsEdit

Information Panel
Romaji Sannen Mae no Jiken go (Akatsuki Mai hen)
Featuring Akatsuki Sakurako, Akatsuki Mai, Narumiya Mafuyu
Publish date January 2011
Continuity N/A
Comic mai5

Mai hid from Sakurako one day in the hospital and saw Narumiya Mafuyu. He was hesitant to enter Natsuki Kori's room, and Mai asked if he was Kori's boyfriend. Mafuyu replied saying he couldn't face her parents and avoided her question.

Although Mai sat down and tried to talk, Mafuyu patted her in the end and said thank you. Before leaving, he said Mai was very kind to worry about a person she'd just happen to pass by. Mafuyu left behind a watch which Mai later found.

Information Panel
Romaji Sannen Mae no Jiken go (Tetsuro hen)
Featuring Gin'ya Tetsuro, Natsuki Kori, Akatsuki Mai, Yamabuki Ayato, Shirakawa Haruka, Kohinata
Publish date August 2011
Continuity N/A
Comic mai4

Mai stopped Gin'ya Tetsuro who came to Kori's room planning to kill her after she got into a traffic accident. She asked whether he hates the girl that much or not, but Tetsuro said he didn't hate her, in fact, he was planning end her life there because he loved her that much. He later told Mai his back story.

Mai mentioned she too was never able to be someone's number one, and that she got the trait from her father. Mai simply said he should just kill her instead of Kori, and Tetsuro replied saying he wasn't afraid to kill her at all and left.

Outside, Kohinata waited, saying that 'Tetsuro was normal'. Mai said she couldn't believe he was going to put him on a ward and called him a liar.

Information Panel
Romaji Shishunki-kumi Jijou
Featuring Shirakawa Kaoru, Yoshino, Akatsuki Makoto, Akatsuki Mai, Yamabuki Otoha, Kuromiya Akira
Publish date February 2012
Continuity Shishunki kumi Jijou Sono ni
Comic mai3

Mai visited her brother and Kaoru in the secondary section and Kaoru greeted her saying primary students weren't allowed there. He then gave a riddle to Mai, but she took it very lightly and thought it may be for children; in which Kaoru responded that as young as she was, she's making him cry.

Kaoru received a call later and had to excuse himself. Makoto asked if it was okay for him to leave, since Mai came all the day to the secondary section; but Mai said it could wait.

Information Panel
Romaji Akatsuki Ke no Shounin
Featuring Akatsuki Mai, Takamatsu Mikaze
Publish date February 2013
Continuity N/A
Comic mai2

While scouting for employees, Mai decided on Takamatsu Mikaze. She talked to her for a while and as her first request, she asked her to empty her right pocket. There was a recorder on her hand, and although Mikaze apologized, as Mai's second request she said Mikaze "will die" there.

Mai made her swear to devote Mikaze's new self to her. She also mentioned that she liked Mikaze's hair, and Mikaze wasn't allowed to cut it (that was an order)

Information Panel
Romaji Haru to Aki (c)
Featuring Shirakawa Kaoru, Akatsuki Mai, Akatsuki Makoto, Nishimori Aozora, Kuromiya Akira
Publish date February 2015
Continuity N/A
Comic mai1

Mai was upset when Kaoru wasn't able to keep a promise with her the other day and so Kaoru promised he'd buy her as many cakes as she want. Makoto then spotted Aozora who was walking with Kuromiya Akira, and it turns out everyone knew each other. Makoto suggested they all introduced themselves.

Later Mai mentioned the cake shop they were all planning to go to was closed, so everyone decided to go home. She told Makoto she wanted to go home with Akira; Makoto stayed with Aozora, while Kaoru walked home by himself.

Mai told Akira that she shouldn't get too close to Kaoru. When she asked why, Mai answered that it's possible that he may bring trouble in the near future.


  • In March 2014's White Day Event, Mai won fifth place. (a number of 65 chocolates / votes)



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