10 normal
Japanese 10
Romaji One o
Personal Information
Status Junk
Likes Shiny things
Dislikes Mannequins
Appeared in

A humanoid robot under development of Gynoid, prototype number 10. Her voice recognition function has a fatal bug, which led to her disposal.

10 is also known with the name "Neon" (ネオン).


10 is a child-like robot whom was made to appear like a human (13 years old). She has bright blue eyes (note: in her character page they're blue, in "Kokoro Shinryaku Robot" they're red) and short brown hair down her shoulders. On her hair she wears an antennae bandana and an orange circle hairpin.


10 has only appeared once in the song "Kokoro Shinryaku Robot" along with 23 and hasn't appeared in any other medias; and so background and information about her is limited.

Like 23 and 15, she also has a twitter account.